International medical center «NEVRON»

17, Habarovskaya Str.; Vladivostok; 690078; Russia.

Customer Relations

  • Provide medical care for every patient as for our family


  • Dedicated personal assistance and flexibility


  • Needs of our customers are our needs


  • Cooperation with world health care facilities to provide the best quality


  • Cooperation with travel agencies and logistic companies to satisfy not only medical needs of our client


  • Excellence in research cooperation in order to provide innovative care


  • Key Partners


  • Our partner hospitals include globally recognized medical facilities from South Korea, Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Germany, Poland and Israel.


  • We are always open for new cooperation in health care and research!


  • Our motivation for partnership is work optimization and high quality health services, reduction of risk and uncertainty, innovative treatment methods.



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