International medical center «NEVRON»

17, Habarovskaya Str.; Vladivostok; 690078; Russia.

Key Activities

  • Outpatient neurological care: neurology, epileptic seizures therapy, perinatal care, genetics, addiction treatment, cardiology


  • Comprehensive neurological screening: EEG, ENMG, prenatal DNA testing, ultrasonography, neurosonography


  • Research projects: genetic analysis of Russian children with lisosomal storage diseases in Tottory University; evaluation of children with GM1 Gangliosidosis in National Human Genome Research Institute, Washington; clinical trials with Amino Up Chemicals, Sapporo.


  • Evaluation and treatment abroad: cooperation with internationally recognized healthcare facilities to find best and affordable care


  • Medical fellowships abroad: collaboration with universities and training centers in the world (Japan, Taiwan, USA)



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